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Katharine Reid

Marvel is the creation of Knox, a woman carved from wood to be beautiful and secret. But as she watches life pass on outside her window, she begins to long for something outside of the confines of her walls. 

Master Knox

Tue Hoe

Knox is a talented but isolated carpenter who carves Marvel from wood and breathes her to life. 


Chris Tilley

Felix is a lively street performer with a scarring past yet positive outlook. He falls in love with Marvel from outside the window and tries to show her what life lies beyond it. 

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A short film by Lindsay Corriveau
Produced by Erin Zakin
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Oak Bones

Oak Bones is a short film based off of  The Puppet Master, a larger scale screenplay that is currently being entered into several competitions. The story started as book idea and transformed into an imaginative, darkly whimsical short. It is currently being filmed throughout winter using a RED Epic and the support of Messiah College. It utilizes the historic beauty of central Pennsylvania, featuring Dillsburg Tavern as its main shooting location.


Crew members for Oak Bones were involved in not one, but two award-winning films last year that addressed hard-hitting gender and social issues. Now they return to work on this intricate project.




The story begins with the first living moments of Marvel, a woman who was carved from wood by a master craftsman. She's beautiful, graceful, and for all intents and purposes, perfect. But as she becomes enchanted by the beauty and pain of the world outside her comfortable life, everything begins to unravel.


About the Film
The Crew

Lindsay Corriveau


Director & Screenwriter & DP
- The Queen -
An award-winning director, senior film and design student, and team leader on campus - Lindsay took it upon herself to initiate this project in her senior year. Her passion for creative collaboration has brought together a great team of people to help achieve her vision for the film. On top of direction and cinematogrpahy, Lindsay has been heavily involved in the aesthetic details of the project such as costumes, special makeup, set decoration, and locations.

Erin Zakin

- The PR Guru -

Cayce Bower

First Assistant Director
- The Torch -
Yes it is.

Austen Bower

Second Assistant Director
- The Swiss Blade -
It's not a perm.

Anthony Watkins

Script Supervisor & Grip
- The OrganiZar -

Elena Rossetto

Producer / Talent Managemnt
- The Clutch -

David Hsu

Key Grip & Assistant Camera
- The Muscle -
Director of Technology & Editor
- The Executioner -

Christian Pavlovich

Executive Producer
- The Midas Touch -

Rolando Vega

Sound Mixer & Designer
- The DJ -

Brandon Gordon

- The Distant Empress -

James Corriveau

- The Maestro -

Theresa Strange

Costume Manager
- The Master of Thread -

Alicia Sims

Executive Producer
- The Pocket Angel-

Krista Imbessi

Matt Mirshafiee

Anthony Watkins

Nance McCown

Krista Imbesi

Christine Nicols

William Stephens

Emily Rotolo

Kimberly Nolan

Tieg Zaharia

Kayla Caracci

Sarah Stevenson

Stephen Hanson

Kerrigan Roth

Mike Serritella 

Ron & Elizabeth Howard

Leah Langan

Donelda Rossetto

Jan Rasch

David Wingert

Timo Klinga

Haiti Mission School

Tom & Joellen Parson

Janice Benjamin LMSW

Queensbury, NY

Lawsuit Funding Solutions

Philadelphia, PA

Institutions and Businesses:


Thank you to those who have donated to the film and supported our efforts!


Rolando G. Vega 

Vega Productions


Brandon Gordon

Chris Cullari

Cindy O'Hara

Andrew Hassett

David Krouse

Shannon Regner

Rolando G. Vega 

Vega Productions

Howard Nichols 


Elizabeth N. Japhet


Ron & Carolyn Madiera

Ann Grossman

Audrey Sims

Artrial Clark

Liz Reid

Helene Horn

Mark Mannix

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General Information


Lindsay Corriveau - Director



Erin Zakin - Producer


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Laura Hill

Prodution Assistant
- The Backstage Pass-

Hunter Hill

Production Assistant
- The Soldier -

Chris Lyell

Audio Editor
- The Wav Runner -